Conférence invitée

Claudio Silva, New-York University, Excursions into Sports Visualization.


While there has always been interest in analyzing sports, this area has received significantly more attention in recent years due to both the recognition of the importance of objective statistics and the proliferation of available data. New technology is starting to enable the capture of game play at unprecedented levels of detail, including the tracking of positions of all players and game events.

Instead of being starved for data, analysts now have access to volumes of highly accurate gameplay data. This data deluge requires the development of novel visualization and analysis tools. In this talk, we will discuss our work in this area, including the development of the Statcast Baseball Metrics Engine (BME) and related visual analytics tools. This is joint work with Dr. Carlos Dietrich, and others at NYU and MLBAM.


Claudio Silva is Professor of Computer Science and Data Science at New York University. His research has focused on data science, visualization, graphics, and geometry processing. Recently he has been interested in urban and sports applications. Claudio is a Fellow of the IEEE and has received the IEEE Visualization Technical Achievement Award. The's Statcast player tracking system, which he helped develop, won the Alpha Award for Best Analytics Innovation/Technology at the 2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and more recently a 2018 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.